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Jada Elements

Product Type: Exclusive Limited Clear Vinyl 2LP + Poster
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"Elements" appears in the first edition as a beautiful gatefold with double clear vinyl, including booklet and poster.

There are four different posters in total, each representing the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, which will be randomly distributed in the 1500 copies that make up the edition.

In no time at all, Jada has been enchanting fans and critics alike with his soulful R&B and big pop ballads. Now the Danish singer is done with her second album, Elements, which will be released on May 27th.

When Jada released her debut album I Cry A Lot in 2019, she was recognized with five stars by Politiken, Gaffa and Soundvenue. Now, three years and 14 acclaimed awards later, Jada has firmly established herself as one of the biggest pop stars on the Danish music scene and on May 27th she's ready to share her second album entitled 'Elements' with the world.

 On the album, Jada takes the listener on an honest journey through a wealth of different emotions, experiences and nuances, which on the album, as the title suggests, are divided into four elements that are simultaneously distinct and merging:

 "I feel like I've been moving through four elements over the last three years - fire, water, air and earth. As I went through them and they through me, they became a part of me - they changed me. I experienced my life as if I was going through emotions in a very physical sense. The emotions were like physical elements that surrounded me, challenging me, knocking me down, transforming me and becoming a part of me. I experienced joy, pain, love, sadness, power, sexuality and transformation. Sometimes the processes felt the same and other times they felt like complete opposites. That's how the songs on the album feel like each song is an element in its own right and a mixture of elements at the same time - deeply intertwined," explains Jada.

 The 16 songs on the album move fluently between the elements and, in addition to a large number of new songs, contain the well-known hits "On Me", "Dangerous", "Something To Say", "Nudes" and "I". I am back'. The album includes an element chart that gives an overview of the songs and what emotion each song embodies and is written from.