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NCT 127 The 3rd Album 'Sticker'

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CD (Jewel Case)

NCT 127’s 3rd full-length album ‘Sticker’ will be released worldwide on September 17th, with 11 songs of various genres including the lead single ‘Sticker’. The album highlights NCT 127's unique musical sensibility and outstanding performances.The album includes 1 booklet, 1 lyric book,AR photo card (random 1 out of 9), AR clip card (random 1 out of 9).


01 Sticker

02 Lemonade

03 Breakfast


05내일의나에게(The Rainy Night)

06 Far

07 Bring The Noize

08 Magic Carpet Ride

09 Road Trip

10 Dreamer

11다시만나는날(Promise You)